Eastside College Prep, in East Palo Alto, where 98% of graduates will be the
first in their families to attend college.
Agros International works with rural villages in Honduras, helping gain access to education, agricultural training, health care, and clean water.
JobTrain students, in Menlo Park, learn through hands-on training as part of the
Laborers Construction Fundamentals Training Program.
Puente de la Costa Sur provides services to agricultural workers and their families in the
Coastside region of San Mateo County.
Vida Verde provides overnight environmental learning experiences for students
who may not otherwise have such opportunities.

Application Deadlines

  • Submission deadlines are February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1.
  • Requests received after any deadline will be considered in the next quarter.
  • Grant decisions are issued quarterly in March, June, September, and December.
  • Proposals received by November 1, 2016 will be considered for funding in December 2016.

Where & What We Support

Funding will be considered for nonprofit organizations in two distinct geographic locations and focus areas:

1. In San Mateo County, serving:
· Children, youth, families
· Immigrants, the elderly and the ill
· Those who are economically at-risk
· People with mental and/or physical disabilities
· Those suffering from drug, alcohol or physical abuse

2. U.S. organizations serving Southern Mexico & Central America, providing assistance, support, and training for:
· Clean water and sanitation
· Microenterprise and economic development
· Nutrition and food resources
· Health education and family planning

New Online Application Process

As of June 1, 2015, the Foundation will no longer be accepting hard copies of applications.

The foundation is transitioning to an online grants management system.

We encourage grantseekers to please review the new guidelines and procedures carefully before submitting your next request or report as the process for each has changed.