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Grant Priorities
Primary consideration will be given to:
  1. Nonprofit organizations providing direct services to the residents of San Mateo County, California, through programs that benefit: children, youth, families, immigrants, the elderly and the ill, the disadvantaged, needy and homeless, the mentally and physically disabled, and those suffering from drug, alcohol or physical abuse. These services include: counseling, rehabilitation, job training, respite and child care, family planning, health education, and programs that meet basic human needs.
  2. Schools, community colleges, universities, adult and vocational schools and related organizations serving the needs of students in San Mateo County. Grant topics include: counseling, remedial and/or enrichment activities, student financial aid, day care, health and vocational education.
  3. United Methodist Church and ecumenical or church-related organizations reaching out to serve the material or social welfare needs of communities in San Mateo County. Selected support for other denominations and theological education.
  4. U.S. nonprofits providing assistance, support and training in Mexico and Central America for the sustainable development of water and food resources; for economic initiatives such as cooperative banks, agra-businesses and micro- enterprise; and for programs such as sanitation, nutrition, health education, and family planning.

New Creation Home Ministries

Requests are viewed more favorably if they are for specific purposes, rather than for policy, advocacy or general promotional activities. Additional positive factors include: demonstration of cooperation with other donors and/or service providers, indication of community support and potential for replication.

Grant Restrictions
The following are NOT funded by the Foundation:

  1. Grants to any organization which does not have proof of current IRS tax-exempt status.
  2. Grants, scholarships or loans to individuals.
  3. Grants designed to influence legislation.
  4. Grants for doctoral study or research.
  5. Grants for sponsorship of, or travel to, conferences or events.
  6. Grants for films, videos or publications.
  7. Donations to annual campaigns or fundraising events.
  8. Sponsorship of sports groups.
  9. Grants to national or statewide umbrella organizations.
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